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Standard Guidelines for Participation In Activities Held at The Holliston Senior Center

Principles for Enjoying Our Center

This Center is for the pleasure of all.  It is necessary therefore to establish parameters of behavior. These are as follows:

The building is a drug-free and smoke free environment. Also no alcohol may be used on the premises, following State Law. The latter is with exception – at the Holliston Senior Center – of special events which are approved by the Selectmen when the building is rented by individuals and groups.

Profanity will not be tolerated in any form – written, art form, or spoken.

Courtesy will be shown to all persons at all times. If you have a personal problem with an individual, you will need to address it at some other location.

It is necessary to make all new visitors feel welcome. We anticipate all regular participants will the join staff in this very important task.

Discrimination towards any person for any reason will not be tolerated.

Each person is responsible for maintaining the premises in a neat and orderly fashion. The rooms used are to be kept and cleaned by those using them. This is not the responsibility of the Senior Center Staff.

Individuals wishing to participate in programs held at the Holliston Senior Center should meet the following criteria in order to be considered appropriate for service provision:

  • able to toilet themselves
  • feed themselves
  • be oriented to their current surroundings
  • behave in a non-aggressive or non-disruptive manner
  • participate in a program or activity appropriate for them
  • desire to participate in programs and activities

Persons not meeting the above criteria are welcome but must be escorted at all times, for their well-being, while participating in activities on or off the grounds of the complex.

If we all respect one another, the building and the equipment, we will be able to enjoy everything for a very long time. Further, if there is a problem or complaint, please contact the Senior Center Director who will assist you in the proper complaint procedure.