HDAAC Coalition

Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition

Welcome to the Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition (HDAAC). The Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition envisions a Holliston where youth and adults are making healthy, educated and responsible choices about drug and alcohol use, and those choices are supported by the community through sustainable policies and programs. 

Our Mission is to create a strong and healthy community where we’ve changed the social norms, expelled stigmas, and minimized the impact of substance misuse. HDAAC strives to foster communication, community collaboration and opportunities for members that promote and sustain drug free and healthy living in a trusting, non judgmental environment.

The Holliston Drug and Alcohol Awareness Coalition is a leading voice in substance misuse prevention and awareness in our community. We partner regionally and work locally to reduce and prevent substance misuse and the associated harms. 

Our prevention, support, and awareness efforts have been funded through the MetroWest Foundation and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, as well as private donations. 

The reasons for substance misuse are complex. As a result, we use multiple prevention and support strategies here in Holliston. Not one strategy or outreach effort will reach everyone in the community.  With your help we can broaden our ability to identify and educate high risk groups while educating the community as a whole.

Thank you for supporting efforts to prevent drug use, underage drinking, and youth access to drugs and alcohol. If you are interested in membership or hearing more about us you can email the coalition directly at hdaacoalition@gmail.org  your can also find and like us on Facebook: @HDAACORG

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Staff Contacts

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Zoe Moreau 508-429-0620