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January and February 2023

Welcome 2023 – and Happy New Year to One and All! 

Two thousand and twenty-three!!!  How does that even seem possible? Wasn’t it only yesterday that we welcomed the new millennium? Weren’t the 1970’s just thirty years ago? And so on…  Nope, the 1970’s and the advent of the new millennium were fifty or twenty years ago (plus), respectively.  Strangely, larger blocks of time can feel like they fly past, while smaller increments of time can feel like a slow crawl: minute by minute and day by day.  It is funny isn’t it - How our experience and perception of time can both play tricks on our minds and effect how we feel? We often think in large chunks of time, marked by significant landmarks and events, while missing out on the little ticks of the clock where we actually spend the majority of our time.

All the little moments mean something though, as they are the bits that make up our experience, our memories and lives. As we move forward into 2023, let’s do so consciously. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to make the most of all life’s moments big and small. Let us: *savor the soothing warmth of a hot cup of tea on a cold day, *tap your toe, sing along with, or let the magic of music transport your imagination, *enjoy a giggle when something tickles your funny bone, *relax under a warm blanket on a cold day, or *simply take in the beauty of nature – bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, red cardinals and orange sunsets. There is plenty of brilliance and beauty, silliness and awe around us, metered out in little doses that often go by without notice. In this New Year ahead may you soak in “all the good stuff,” both big and small to make your 2023 a year you will remember fondly. 

Thank you for enriching our lives at the Holliston Senior Center. We appreciate the warmth you give, your beautiful smiles, your laughter and generosity. Every. Single. Day! 

Wishing you a memorable year, made of a million bits of magic.

Be Well, Lisa 

Lisa S. Borchetta, Director, Holliston Senior Center 


November and December 2022

Greetings All!

I hope this message finds you well as we transition from autumn to winter. While the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, many New Englanders begin to hunker down indoors. As the climate cools, so can our mood. Yet, this time of year also brings great joy, warmth, giving and celebration. Across the globe, numerous faiths and cultures mark this time of year with both secular and religious traditions that focus on Light over Darkness. According to a symbolism project at the University of Michigan, “Light” is one of the most universal and fundamental symbols. It signals both the spiritual and the divine: life, happiness, prosperity, illumination and intelligence.

Light is also the focus of many celebrations around the world at this time of year. Christians celebrate Christmas and the birth of the Christ child as “the light of this world” and a symbol of divinity manifest on Earth. Diwali, celebrated by Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain faiths, celebrates light dispelling the darkness of ignorance and showing the way on life’s journey. Hanukkah commemorates the miracle of a day’s worth of lamplight oil lasting eight nights and helping the Jewish people defeat their enemy. Winter Solstice celebrates the rebirth of light after the shortest day of the year. Kwanzaa, an African-American holiday, uses candlelight to illuminate the seven principles of unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economy/purpose, creativity and faith.

As we move toward the shortest day of the year on December 21st, remember that the very next day will be 2 seconds longer, and so on until we reach the longest day of the year at the summer solstice in June. We want to thank all of the members, staff, volunteers, visitors, patrons, donors, friends, supporters, departments, businesses and organizations that have shared their light with us this year. May you celebrate the constancy and beauty of our Earthly home and the daily opportunity of illumination with each sunrise. May you continue to bring your light into the lives of others and bask in the beauty of the light of those around you.

Thank you for being part of our Holliston Senior Center Community. Together we are brighter and more brilliant.



Lisa S. Borchetta, Director – Holliston Senior Center

September and October 2022

I suppose it is a throwback to childhood, or at least to being a parent – but September always feels like the start of a new year, don’t you think so? Even if you’re long past starting a new school year and are happily living in retirement, September calls us to new beginnings and new learning of one sort or  another.

Here at the Center, we are anticipating the Senior Support Foundation’s Fall Fair, as the long-time volunteers and new recruits are coming into the final stretch of months of preparations for this annual fundraising event to support the Holliston Senior Center. Their work and the generous support of the community who have donated time, energy and goods is most sincerely appreciated. We hope you stop by and enjoy some of the good cheer and great finds on Saturday, September 10th. You never know what treat or treasure awaits!

In other BIG NEWS – September marks the mailing of the Senior Center Survey, which is being  conducted for us by the University of Massachusetts – Boston, Gerontology Institute. Look for a postcard to be mailed to you announcing the survey in early September. In mid-September, you will receive the confidential survey and a postage paid envelope in the mail, with complete instructions and due date information. We sincerely want to hear from Holliston’s 55+ population so that we can increase our understanding of your needs and wants and factor that information into the programming and services we provide. Make your voice heard – we will be listening with open ears, hearts and minds. This is the FIRST TIME the Holliston Senior Center has taken on a survey of its 55+ residents, so don’t miss your chance to participate!

It’s going to be a busy September and we are looking forward to welcoming you “back,” even if you haven’t been here before. Every     moment is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to experience, to feel and to connect with the familiar and with the new. Let the Holliston Senior Center be a part of that moment with you.



(Lisa Borchetta, Director – Holliston Senior Center)



July and August 2022

Welcome to the warm winds of summer! Welcome to: more time outdoors, sunshine, longer days, the chirp of crickets, the flicker of lightning bugs, watermelon, memories of the beach, the song of the “ice cream truck” and a less formal time of year! While    summer may be a more relaxed season – things are still buzzing at the Senior Center.

We welcome another new driver, Scott Babitts to our fleet of caring individuals who transport members to and from where they need to go! Scott joins Ron, Debbie, Bruce and Stephen to round out our team. If you see Scott around the center or driving one of our vehicles, please welcome him aboard.

Our Holliston 55+ survey being conducted by UMass-Boston is underway! The research team has been conducting interviews and focus groups for the last several weeks and will soon be preparing to send out our written survey. Please remember that this is your opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions, needs, wishes and desires with us. Your feedback will help us as we plan future programs and services and look to expand our offerings. Please take advantage of this   opportunity to let your voice be heard. (Please note: This is not the Envision Future Holliston survey, another local effort to get important input from community members, your input is still needed).

Also beginning in July and funded by the Town of Holliston’s ARPA funds, is our new home repair              collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. This program, which is designed to assist qualifying, low income homeowners with critical home repairs, seeks to make residents’ primary residences safer and more livable. (See separate notice in this newsletter for more information).

Add these bits to our full plate of festive, summer fun and early preparations for the Fall Fair – and you will find lots to do and check out at the Senior Center. We look forward to seeing you.

Last, but definitely not least...our wonderful Amanda and her beloved, Dalton were married on June 25th.   Be sure to wish her well when you are at the center!



(Lisa Borchetta, Director – Holliston Senior Center)



May and June 2022

Wow, it has been a year already!!! When I sat down to write my note to you for the May/June newsletter, I recognized that the date marked my one year anniversary as the Director of the Holliston Senior Center. That went fast… and, I guess I can officially stop calling myself the “new Director” now!

It has been a whirlwind of a year full of building new relationships, learning, growth, introductions, adjustments and numerous, funny, lovely and heartwarming moments. While my temptation is to look back on all of the learning and changes that have happened over this last year – I am also excited to look forward to some of the new happenings at the Senior Center. In particular, I wanted to welcome our two newest staff members and announce our upcoming 55+ Survey.

First...our new additions: Welcome, welcome to Melicia DaCosta, Outreach and Transportation Coordinator and Stephen Whitermore, Senior Center Van Driver. We are very happy to have you both on board. Melicia (pronounced: Ma-lee-see-a) is a wonderful new addition to the center’s core, full time staff. She brings a deep interest in helping others, a wealth of knowledge about area services and resources, and an MS degree in Management with a concentration in Elder Care from Lasell University. Please stop by and say “hello” the next time you are at the center. Stephen Whitermore, our new Relief Van Driver, is retired from his career as a finance and credit manager and an accounting specialist. Himself, a Holliston resident, he’s looking forward to giving back to the community and having the opportunity to meet our members. Please give him a warm welcome if you see him on the van or around the center.

And second… an exciting opportunity for you to have your voices heard. The Holliston Senior Center received a grant from the MetroWest Health Foundation which combined with additional ARPA funding from the Town of Holliston, will allow us to conduct a comprehensive survey of Holliston’s 55+ population. The survey is being conducted by the University of Massachusetts - Boston, Gerontology Institute’s - Center for Social and Demographic Research on Aging. (I know, it’s quite a mouthful!). We feel very fortunate to have this world class institution right in our backyard and look forward to learning from everyone. Our hope is to reach a broader swath of the town’s 55+ population, who we serve. We hope to learn from the results and use the data to help our programs and services best meet the needs and interests of the community at large. In addition to the 55+ residents, we will be seeking input from various, important community stakeholders whose voice and perspective is also valued. So stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks and months ahead – as we share more about the study and how you can help!

Please note – that this is a different survey from the Envision Future Holliston survey, which some of you may have participated in… your voice is still needed!!! 

Stay tuned and enjoy the warming days,

Lisa (Lisa Borchetta, Director)



Spring is at our doorstep…

As New Englanders, we are always a bit cautious about celebrating the arrival of spring too early because we’ve all witnessed those surprises, April snowstorms and below freezing mornings one too many times. But happily, Mother Nature’s “practical jokes” always give way to buds on the trees, robins’ songs and the rise of crocuses from the thawing ground. How lucky we are to live in an area surrounded by little bits of wonder and rebirth. Throughout history and across cultures and religions the start of spring is welcomed and celebrated. Spring holidays and celebrations focus on renewal and rebirth – and often we are drawn to reconnecting with the world outside our window. So why not use this season of rebirth to expand your horizons and try something new? 

The Senior Center is happy to offer opportunities for you to explore new interests. Maybe you’ll decide to join one of our fitness classes: Energy-Focus-Movement, Yoga, Zumba Gold, Tai Chi, Pilates or our Walking Group. Classes are available at a variety of skill levels and can be accessed either in-person or virtually. Looking for something else? Join an interest group: Coffee and Coloring, Photography, Game Day, Lunch and a Movie, Craft Group, or join us for a lecture, live music or a stroll through our fabulous Bookstore or Good as New Shoppe. Did you know that there are typically 20-25 different events and programs that offer a broad array of opportunities to learn, grow and connect, every week? Opportunities for volunteer involvement are also available.

As the Earth awakens from her slumber and opens her eyes to a new season, allow yourself to begin again with new focus and new energy. It is a process that is ongoing and always available to you, so why not take advantage of this time of renewal that we all share? Now is as good a time as any to celebrate your own life and begin anew. 

Happy spring! 

Lisa (Lisa Borchetta, Director)


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The Holliston Senior Center, located at 150 Goulding Street, is committed to serving the needs of those citizens who are 55 years and older. It is our goal to provide seniors with healthy choices for their bodies, minds and spirits. Our programs revolve around many different interests, economic levels as well as physical capabilities. 

The Center also offers seniors a variety of outreach services. These include but are not limited to fuel and food assistance, SHINE, mobility support and general outreach. The Center's transportation services (in partnership with the MWRTA) provide seniors, Monday through Friday, door to door service for medical appointments in the MetroWest area as well as weekly grocery shopping. 
We provide a warm and inviting environment that welcomes all our seniors to come and enjoy our well maintained facility. 

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Lisa Borchetta Director 508-429-0622
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Melicia DaCosta Outreach & Transportation Coordinator 508-429-0622
Debbie Dupuis Administrative Assistant 508-429-0622