Open Space

Open Space Committee Mission:

The town of Holliston formed the Open Space Committee in 1999 to promote the benefits of permanent preservation of additional open space in Holliston. The Committee serves as a resource to landowners and works to facilitate land acquisitions or other land protections such as conservation restrictions or agricultural preservation restrictions, subject to Town Meeting approval.

What is Open Space?

Open Space is undeveloped land predominantly in its natural state or altered for natural resources-based uses (i.e., farming, orchards, forestry, hunting and fishing, trails.)

Why should the residents of Holliston work to preserve open space?

  • Undeveloped parcels provide habitat for wildlife and encourages biodiversity.
  • Open Space can be publicly owned or offer public access and gives the community access to recreation opportunities such as hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, nature study, photography and more.
  • Preserving agricultural land as open space provides a local healthy food source for the community, jobs for local farmers.
  • Open Space protects and conserves our natural resources and serves as natural filtration for the aquifers that provide the town's water.
  • Open Space can mitigate greenhouse gasses through carbon storage sequestration.
  • Our Open Space maintains the town's traditions, character, and aesthetic appeal.

If you have an inquiry about how the Open Space Committee can preserve your property email

Board Members

Name Title
Lixy Carey Chair
Ann Marie Pilch
Shaw Lively
Carrie Marsh Loscocco
Joseph Paru
Aaron Schachter
Andrew Johnson