Envisioning Future Holliston (CLRPC)

Want to help shape Holliston's future vision? 


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We look forward to working with you to create a vision developed from active participation of all Hollistonians and Holliston stakeholders. With this vision, our town can set forth one comprehensive plan that links together the policies, plans and studies from the many boards and committees.

Board Members

Name Title
Benjamin Sparrell Select Board
Bryan Clancy Housing Trust
K. Robert Malone Council on Aging
Sue Nersessian Finance Committee
Frank Chamberlain Historical Commission
Lixy Carey Open Space
Rich Rosenberry Sustainability
Ann Marie Pilch Conservation Commission
Steven Bigelow Parks & Recreation
Kenneth Henderson Rail Trail
Matthew Putvinski Youth & Family Services
Stacey Raffi School Committee
Joshua Mann Board of Health
Glenn Brown Economic Development
Nancy Baron Library Trustees
Barbara Peatie Planning Board