Community Preservation Committee

There is a certain charm of a New England town: church-side commons; majestic and quaint period homes; rolling landscapes of field or forest. Yet these quintessential New England characteristics, and the quality of life which drew many people to their communities, are threatened by current growth and development trends. At the same time, many Massachusetts residents are no longer able to afford to live in the community of their choice due to the lack of community housing.

To address these issues, the Massachusetts state legislature enacted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) which empowers communities to shape their future through an independent fund to be used for the preservation of open space/recreational open space, historic resources, and community housing. Acceptance the Community Preservation Act was placed on the ballot by petition and Holliston voters adopted the CPA in the Town Election on May 22, 2001. A CPA By-Law was passed the following October.
The CPA allows for a real estate tax surcharge of up to 3% to create the Community Preservation Fund. Holliston voters adopted a 1.5% property tax surcharge, with exemptions on the first $100,000 and exemptions for qualified low-income housing and low and moderate-income senior housing. Holliston also receives state matching funds for the town's Community Preservation Fund. The CPA stipulates that a minimum of 10% of the annual fund must be spent or reserved for the creation, acquisition, and preservation of the three areas of interested stated above. The remaining 70% may be allocated among these three areas and up to 5% may be reserved for administrative costs.
The CPA provides for local autonomy in deciding where and how funds will be spent. It is the responsibility of the nine member Community Preservation Committee (CPC) to consult with town agencies and community organizations, evaluate community preservation needs, develop a long range community preservation plan, and make recommendations for CPA fund expenditures at Town Meeting.
By adopting the CPA, Holliston joins a host of other communities equipped with a powerful tool to help meet the challenges of embracing our heritage while meeting the demands of a growing population.

Board Members

Name Title
Frank Chamberlain Historical Commission
Christopher Bajdek Conservation
Warren B. Chamberlain Planning Board
Thomas J. Dumas Housing Authority
Melissa Kaspern Park Commission
Michael P. Pelon
Eva Stahl
John Vosburg
Susan Woodrow Administrative Assistant