Community Farm Advisory

The Committee will conduct business in a similar fashion as the Golf Course Advisory Committee. Illustrative examples of outcomes from the Committee are outlined below:

Development of a Request for Proposals (RFP) based on a wide range of public input for the Board of Selectmen to review and approve before it is advertised;

Review and score submissions based on criteria approved by the Board of Selectmen; some community benefits may include, education, a proven ability to fundraise, the development of nature walking paths, a farm stand, property and building maintenance, budget and financial expertise, develop a viable CSA strategy, the ability to manage a commercial farming operation, which may include employees as well as citizen volunteers, a motivated leader, and the ability to work cooperatively with Town Boards such as the Conservation Commission, Agricultural Commission, and Board of Selectmen;

Recommend at least two (2) farmers for the Board of Selectmen to interview. The finalist will negotiate a long term lease for the property with the goal of developing the property as a community farm 

Board Members

Name Title
Kristine Westland Chair
Amine Bernali
Robert Blair
Dennis Serocki
Kristen Serocki
James Taralli