The charge of the Governance Committee is to assist in the development of town-wide policies, act as a liaison between all departments, boards, committees, and commissions as it relates to governance, and help with the development of a strategic plan.

Work of the Governance Committee will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Define roles of the elected boards, committees, commissions, and department heads;
  • Recommend, if needed, changes in the form of government;
  • Develop an organizational strategic plan;
  • Development of an organizational chart.

Holliston Governance Committee

The Governance Committee was established by the Select Board at its meeting on March 3, 2020 to assist in the development of town-wide policies that relate to governance and recommend changes to the form of government if needed.  The Select Board invited interested residents to volunteer to serve on this five-person Committee.  Each member submitted his/her name to be considered and was appointed individually by the Select Board.  Appointments to the Committee were completed on June 17, 2020.  The Committee consists of five residents with diverse professional backgrounds and prior experience in Holliston government.  The Town Administrator will act as an advisor to this Committee.

The last comprehensive review of the Holliston General By-Laws occurred over thirty-five years ago and the last Government Study Committee report was issued in 1994.  The Governance Committee is reviewing the By-Laws dealing with government operations with the intent of recommending greater efficiencies and more updated management practices.  Charters and By-Laws of comparable towns in Massachusetts are being reviewed to identify best practices that could be applied to Holliston.  This comparative data will allow the Committee to identify strengths and weaknesses in Holliston’s current form of government and areas where improvements may be achieved.  State laws enabling new approaches for improved municipal management are being studied and resources at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the Massachusetts Municipal Association and local university institutes or centers are being contacted for suggestions.

The Committee’s examination of town government will be an open and transparent process through our public committee meetings and public meetings with town officials, boards, committees and commissions.  Public hearings will be scheduled to explain our role and hear from residents regarding their views of town government and suggestions for improvement.  Recommendations from the Committee will be publicized and presented at Town Meetings for discussion and adoption.   Residents are able to contact the Governance Committee through the email link on the Committee Member box on this page.

Board Members

Name Title
Sam Tyler Chair
Len Engel
Paul LeBeau Clerk
Christina Lingham
Scott McKechnie Vice Chair