Volunteering is an essential resource to achieve the Center’s mission “to identify and serve the diverse needs of all Holliston citizens 55 and older. The Holliston Senior Center could not continue to grow and achieve its goals without the support and commitment of its volunteers. 

To meet the various needs of the 55 and older population, the Center offers numerous programs and activities that involve volunteers. Time commitments vary from short blocks of time to longer periods. The lunch helpers volunteer for approximately two hours a week to serve and occasionally sub; receptionists usually work four hour shifts. Other activities range from running errands, folding newsletters to serving on the COA Board. The Center appreciates any time given and will match each person’s interest and availability with the task-at-hand.

Regardless of the time or the task, all volunteers cite the reciprocal benefits of volunteering. It benefits those who receive the services; it benefits those providing the services. For many it’s an opportunity to turn strangers into friends and to reconnect with old friends. All volunteers share the understanding their time is truly appreciated.

As our 55 and older population grows, the Center is always seeking new ventures and volunteers. If you have free time, please contact the Senior Center at 508-429-0622.