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Government Sites

  • The Official Homepage for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection(DEP)
  • MA DEP Bureau of Resource Protection : Wetlands & Waterways Program
  • MA Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP)
  • MA Natural Heritage GIS
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs - Town of Holliston
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Homepage
  • U.S.Dept. of Agriculture NRCS The Natural Resource Conservation Service is a federal agency that works in partnership with the American people to conserve and sustain our natural resources.
  • U.S. EPA home page
  • EPA New England
  • U.S.Geological Survey

Other Organizations

  • Holliston Conservation Associates
  • Association of Massachusetts Wetland Scientists
  • Charles River Watershed Association
  • Environmental League of MA (ELM)
  • Massachusetts Association Of Conservation Commissions (MACC)
  • Massachusetts Audubon Society
  • Society of Wetland Scientists

General Wetland Information

  • USGS Wetland Functions, Values, and Assessment
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual

Wetland Biology

  • Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants
  •  Bird Identification Page - USGS identification page
  •  Butterflies of Massachusetts - USGS id page
  •  Cape Ann Vernal Ponds
  •  Checklist of Amphibian Species and Identification Guide
  •  Invasive Species
  •  Interactive NE Snake Guide
  •  MassWildlife
  •  Monarch Watch
  •  New England Wetland Plants, Inc.
  •  Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac Information Center
  •  Guide to Animal Tracking
  •  Vernal Pool Association   

Rules and Regulations

  • Holliston Wetlands Protection Bylaw (Article XXX)
  • Article XXX Regulations
  • he Wetlands Protection Act (Chapter 131 Section 40)
  • Wetlands Protection Act Regulations (310 CMR 10.00) Large file, please be patient during download.
  • Massachusetts Rivers Protection Act 1996 Amendment to the Wetlands Protection Act. 310 CMR 10.00 has been revised to include these regulations.
  • Surface Water Discharge Permit Program (314 CMR 3.00)
  • Stormwater Management Policy
  • Volume 1: Stormwater Policy Handbook
  • Volume 2: Stormwater Technical Handbook
  • Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Regulations (301 CMR 11.00)
  • Federal Wetland Regulations under the Clean Water Act and Rivers and Harbors Act
  • MA General Laws
  • MA DEP Matrix of Regulations

Open Space Protection and Management and Estate Planning

Rivers and Streams

Exempt Minor Activities in Riverfront Areas and Buffer Zones under the Wetlands Protection Act


Massachusetts Geographic Information System (MassGIS)
    Current USGS Maps
    Historic USGS Maps
    FEMA Maps