Wetlands Protection Act Forms

Wetland Permit Application Forms

  • WPA Form 1: Request for Determination of Applicability (RFD) - This application is typically for minor projects within 100 feet of a Wetland Resource Area, where work will have little to no impact on the nearby resource area. The filing fee for an RFD is $50.00.  Upon approval, applicant receives a Determination of Applicability.
  • WPA Form 3: Notice of Intent (NOI) - This application is for large projects, with disturbance (removing, filling, dredging, or altering) of soil and/or vegetation in the buffer zone or Wetland Resource Area. The application is more in depth and typically requires professional assistance. Upon approval applicant receives an Order of Conditions.

Include the following with submission of NOI:

Include the following with submission of ANRAD:

Request for an Amended Order of Conditions

If changes are made to the Order of Conditions' plans, a request to determine if the change(s) will require an Amended Order of Conditions or a new NOI should be submitted to the Conservation Commission office.  Abutter notifications are required for a Request for an Amended Order of Conditions.

Including the following with submission of Amended OoC:

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