Court Diversion Program

What is Court Diversion?c

The Court Diversion Program offers an alternative path to prosecution for first time youth offenders. Non-violent crimes, such as vandalism, possession of alcohol/drugs, truancy and other similar offenses are considered valid for program referral. Referrals can come from a police officer or the Court.

The program structure consists of community service, which is identified and tracked through the Coordinator; weekly check-in meetings with the youth; a group with the court diversions participants, which covers group discussions in regards to substance use/abuse, parent/child conflict, time management, peer pressure and other relevant topics; and parent participant in a community seminar to enhance their knowledge and increase their support around parenting an adolescent.

Youth who are referred participate for 6 months. They are monitored through case management by the Coordinator. Participation is limited to one time through the program. Dismissal within the 6 months can occur if the youth does not comply or participate with expectations and/or if they become involved with the police for an offense in which they will be charged with a crime.

Goals of the program

Acceptance of responsibility and conseqeunces;Educate and reform;prevent future criminal conduct; andKeep youth out of the criminal justice system and prevent creation of criminal record.

Contact: Kirsten Rancourt 
Court Diversion Coordinator
phone: (508) 429-0620