Charge of the Stipend Subcommittee

Discuss the use of stipends or other benefits, such as tax relief, provided to volunteer, appointed, and/or elected officials of the Boards and Committees in the Town of Holliston.  Research and benchmark the Town of Holliston’s use of stipends or other benefits provided to Boards and Committees in relation to other municipalities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with similar demographics and structure of government as the Town of Holliston.  Provide a recommendation to the Select Board, on or before Monday, January 4, 2021, regarding the future use of stipends or other benefits in the Town of Holliston for all Boards and Committees, and if stipends or other benefits should be used, determine the appropriate amount of said stipends or other benefits. 

Profile of the Stipend Subcommittee

The ideal composition of the Stipend Subcommittee will include five (5) Holliston residents that are not currently seated on any Boards or Committees. 

Board Members

Erica Plunkett
Shelley Bochner
Daniel Whynot
Joan Shaughnessy
Thomas J. Dumas