Library Roof Updates

Library A/C and Roof Replacement

Progress Report Week of 7/16/2018

  • Currently the roof portion of the library project is approximately 95% complete.
  • Additional roof work will occur between July 16 and July 20.
  • Stored materials, debris and equipment will be removed from the rear of the library on or about July 23.
  • The project will become dormant for approximately five weeks when the replacement HVAC equipment will arrive on site.
  • There are no more project update reports required until the HVAC equipment shows up on site.

Progress Report Week of 6/29/2018

  • As of 6/27/18 the shingle roofing replacement is approximately 40% complete.  Shingle installation completion is anticipated for 7/6/18.
  • “Flat” roofing replacement is anticipated to occur between 7/9/18 and 7/12/18.
  • There will be a lull in construction until September.  
  • Air conditioner replacement is anticipated for mid September 2018.