Trash and Recycling Daily Tips

Break Down Cardboard Boxes

Thursday, July 25th:  Large cardboard should be broken down and placed inside the cart with the lid closed.  Alternatively, cardboard can be taken to the Marshal Street drop-off area which is currently open every Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm.  In addition, to carboard, they accept leaf and yard waste, metals, and fluorescent light bulbs.  For more information check out the Holliston recycling and solid waste site at

Wednesday, July 24th:  After this past weekend, shaved ice and snow cones are a nice treat; but not so much for the automated pickup.  Lids should be shut or mostly shut. For more information on the program visit 

Tuesday, July 23rd:  They say “teamwork makes the dream work”.  Thank you for your part in rolling out the automated recycle and trash program. For more information including program details, frequently asked questions, and street schedules visit 

Thursday, July 18th:  The front of the carts should face the street to allow the automated arm to dump the cart correctly.   The carts have wheels in the BACK and the lid opens in the FRONT.  As a reminder, the lids have arrows that should face the street.  For more information include program details, frequently asked questions, and street schedule visit

Wednesday, July 17th:  Be WICKED SMART about recycling with RecycleSMART (@Recycle-Smart-MA).  MassDEP and recycling centers have worked together to simplify what can and can’t go in the bin.  Questions? Check out the searchable online Recylcopidia for quick answers.  You can find this and other great tips at:

Tuesday, July 16th:  Space is key when it comes to automation and efficiency.  Remember to keep at least 3 feet between the carts and any other structures. This allows the automated arm ample room to grab the cart.  For more information about the new program visit 

Monday, July 15th:  Thank you for your part helping with the trash program roll-out.  For more information including program details, frequently asked questions, and street schedule visit