Eversource Tree Trimming

Dear Eversource Customer:

At Eversource, we're committed to delivering great service.

This commitment includes the responsible management of trees and vegetation located near our power lines. Trees are often a great addition to the landscaping of any community. However, trees are also the leading causes of power outages in our service territory as they are for many utilities across the country.

Some important facts about tree maintenance:

-  Pruning trees leads to improved reliability.

-  Pruning and removing dangerous trees along electric lines helps eliminate safety hazards for the public and our employees.

- Maintaining clearance around our lines has the potential to minimize service interruptions during severe storms for you, your neighbors and area businesses and community facilities.

Tree crews will begin pruning along our lines in your area during the next four weeks. The professional tree contractors performing this work for Eversource is Stanley Tree. This work will also be overseen by certified Eversource arborists. If you have questions about this upcoming work, please call us at 800-592-2000.

Eversource uses pruning methods recommended by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).  In addition, we will be working closely with city/town officials to coordinate our work.